9 November, 2021

Version 2.0.27
  • newSelect original image in the Image Element

  • newSelect original image for the dynamic image element

  • improvedUpdated the Google fonts library

  • improvedRemoved iFrame background color when CMS is opened

  • improvedMade loading screen be the same width as cms iframe

  • fixedGoogle fonts search option was not working correctly

  • fixedImage is cut in full height option

  • fixedThe fonts no longer intersect for element tabs

  • fixedEnd option on Vimeo video

  • fixedBorder si Shadow options display

  • fixedBorder top on tabs in responsive

  • fixedCounter goes only to 100 in preview

  • fixedText sometime data-href is empty (Internal 500 error on the front-end)

  • fixedSelect drop-down options in the contact form are not showing the selected font

  • newAdded settings prompt to external story (Title, Description, Favicon)

  • improvedChanged the default Twitter handle when you added it to the page

  • fixedRegex for some placeholders in Dynamic content

  • fixedCarousel sidebar for mobile/tablet

  • fixedGallery sidebar for responsive

  • fixedThe lines in the timeline element now connect correctly on mobile

  • fixedChanged default paragraph value for Carousel

  • fixedWhitelabel for Sync authorization

18 October, 2021

Version 2.0.26
  • new3 design layout packs

  • fixedPostTitle added title hover transition

  • fixedContact form text arrangement in dropdown

  • fixedContact form dropdown border

  • fixedNested accordions collapse issue

  • fixedAlignment in Login element

  • improvedAdded autoplay and loop options for the Video element

  • fixedFonts for Tabs

  • fixedStyles issues for nested tabs

  • fixedStyles issues for nested accordions

  • fixedVimeo bg video starting with a delay

  • fixedNested accordions animation

  • fixedDisplays negative values for the Counter element

  • fixedHexa color code in gradient background for Blocks

  • fixedCountdown styles size and color

  • fixedEmpty links in Text element in preview

  • fixedNegative spread values for shadows

  • improvedDrag & Drop between columns

  • fixedDouble options in right sidebar for certain elements in responsive views

  • improvedMoved HTML Tag option back on the main toolbar on Text element

  • fixedSome cases when didn't work to update the page title

  • improvedCMS sidebar covers only 90% of the page width

  • improvedSEO preview link reflects the correct preview link of the project

  • new9 design layout packs

  • improvedShow display conditions popup on setting a global Block

  • fixedStory text and images flickering on different devices

  • fixedSome PRO layouts are displaying in the FREE category

  • fixedFile upload on Lottie element

  • fixedNested Switcher elements

  • fixedStyles issues for nested Switcher elements

  • fixedUI issues when Dynamic content is larger in toolbar

  • improvedWhite label options, removed Brizy from custom font upload

  • fixedMega Menu hover transition

  • fixedDynamic content value in Countdown element

  • fixedClose option hover on Image Gallery lightbox

16 September, 2021

Version 2.0.25
  • newAdded vertical align for icon in IconBox

  • fixedPopups on Text links

  • fixedBlock screenshots not looking properly in Chrome

  • fixedText element with Google translate extensions

  • fixedImage light-box

  • fixedDouble styling options in the right sidebar for some elements

  • improvedPage loading speed on preview when you have custom fonts on your page

  • improvedThis page needs a refresh error

  • fixedMega Menu preview position

  • fixedOptions toolbar position inside Sticky Header

  • improvedMega Menu passive events on touch

  • improvedPage loading speed on preview when you have custom fonts on your page

6 September, 2021

Version 2.0.24
  • fixedIcons in the Tabs element

  • fixedCover images for the Video element

  • fixedCSS in Countdown element

  • newAdded the Lottie element in Stories

  • fixedText links in Stories

24 August, 2021

Version 2.0.23
  • fixedAnchor scroll when block not found

  • fixedForm multi-select close

  • fixedRichtext styles

  • fixedGlobal blocks in page compiler error

  • newHide Section icon when not in focus, on tablet and mobile

  • fixedGlobal popup bug

  • fixedIcon link in Story

  • fixedMega Menu secondary level bug

  • fixedHamburger Menu on mobile bug

  • fixedMobile menu bug when using Astra theme

17 August, 2021

Version 2.0.22
  • fixedDash separated value name for custom attributes

  • fixedCache assets on Brizy websites

  • improvedWhite Label, removed keyword Brizy from two places in the code

  • fixedGlobal popup

  • fixedCache assets on Brizy websites

5 August, 2021

Version 2.0.21
  • fixedStory contact form element in preview

  • fixedTypography changes on mobile for the Text element

4 August, 2021

Version 2.0.20
  • newAdded Free blocks category in sidebar when you add blocks

  • updatedUpdated Google fonts list

  • improvedSupport and Docs link label was changed to Support

  • improvedAlways show "Replace global styles" checkbox, when you add layouts

  • fixedIncreased limit to 1.000.000 for the Countdown element

  • fixedImage mask for Text in preview

  • newAdded Free stories category in sidebar when you add stories

  • newAdded 10 new Layout Packs (Templates)

  • improvedRenamed a couple of Story templates

  • improvedStories templates global styling, previews, thumbs, etc

26 July, 2021

Version 2.0.19
  • fixedFull height for block slider on mobile

  • fixedVideo fullscreen option

  • fixedWhite label support and about links

  • fixedCMS close and edit actions

  • improvedChanged Protected Page element to Protected

  • improvedBack to Login instead of Login on the Login element

  • improvedProtected element default values

  • newAdded icon position option for Menu item

  • fixedFilters for dynamic images

  • fixedSubmenu styles for the Menu element

  • improvedRemoved submenu lvl limit for the Menu element

  • improvedWhite label for blocks & layouts syncing popup

  • improvedWhite label for the default global style name

13 July, 2021

Version 2.0.18
  • newerror messages in Form element for Number and File input

  • fixedchange Row background for Section slider

  • fixedstyles for Table element

  • fixedbutton Drag & Drop when position is set to "fixed / absolute"

8 July, 2021

Version 2.0.17
  • fixedDynamic content UI

  • fixedCustom file upload sync

  • fixedCorner option crashing the editor

  • fixedResending invalid response

  • fixedBlurred images inside sections

  • fixedStyles for video element frame

  • improvedUpdate project & Global Blocks

  • improvedSearch in the Layouts adder tab

  • fixedMenu transparency bug & icon size/spacing unit

  • fixedCustom audio not closing automatically

18 May, 2021

Version 2.0.16
  • fixedAnchor scroll in menu

  • fixedMega menu scrollable

12 May, 2021

Version 2.0.15
  • newAdded spacing option for the Icon Box element on responsive

  • improvedTranslate global blocks conditions

  • fixedAccordion Hover Transition

  • fixedScroll animation for anchor

  • fixedSection height and alignment on responsive

  • fixedUI minors styles

  • fixedDisabled extra option in toolbar for playlist elements

  • fixedHover effect for play button in playlist elements

  • fixedDisqus shortname

  • fixedRichText symbols transform

  • fixedMega Menu in small viewport

  • fixedLightbox blurred image

7 May, 2021

Version 2.0.14
  • fixedDisqus shortname

  • fixedLost Password link in builder loads a 404 page inside the builder

  • fixedRichText symbols transform

1 May, 2021

Version 2.0.13
  • improvedTranslate some strings from toolbars

  • fixedDisabled extra option in toolbar for playlist and fixed hover effect for play button

  • fixedAnchor scroll

  • fixedMega menu in small viewport

  • fixedLightbox blurred image

9 March, 2021

Version 2.0.12
  • fixedGlobal Blocks would not appear in category pages made with Brizy Template

  • fixedImageGallery bugs

  • fixedImage lightbox css

  • newForm input file label is now editable

  • fixedClicking Global Blocks conditions options would do nothing in free

  • fixedCarousel content flicker

  • fixedCarousel options in responsive mode

  • fixedForm Submit align option

  • fixedForm Custom HTML template copy to clipboard

  • fixedForm Integrations Popup scroll in Safari

  • fixedAccordion drag and drop

  • fixedAccordion adjusting browser scroll position even when not needed

  • fixedSlider prev and next buttons outline

  • fixedSlider padding option

  • fixedImage sizes

  • fixedTimeline border css

  • fixedPostContent css

  • fixedWooCommerce Add to Cart css

  • fixedTypography option issues in Safari

  • fixedSlider option css

  • fixedSaving a block or a layout would fail if the browser did not support screenshots

  • fixedBrowser back button not working after clicking an anchor to a block on the page

8 December, 2020

Version 2.0.11
  • improvedTemplates images

  • fixedPing request

  • updatedGoogle Fonts

3 December, 2020

Version 2.0.10
  • new21 Pre-made Layouts & Landing pages

13 November, 2020

Version 2.0.9
  • fixedForm failing to submit when having multiple Text field

10 November, 2020

Version 2.0.8
  • fixedPopup scroll inner content

  • fixedColumn context menu

  • fixedForm failing to submit when having an empty Checkbox field

  • fixedColumns, Row removed font-size

  • fixedSection background video loop and startAt options

5 November, 2020

Version 2.0.7
  • improvedReduced the number of divs at preview

  • improvedReduced the size of JavaScript at preview

  • improvedreCAPTCHA is now displayed after the user submits the form instead of at load

  • fixedImage sizing when in a MenuPro mobile menu item

13 October, 2020

Version 2.0.6
  • improvedMegaMenu alignment

  • fixedPosts element columns were sometimes of different heights

  • newAudio element loop option

  • improvedVideo element will be lazy loaded in browsers that support it

  • improvedMenu element icon

  • improvedBlank Popup is now available for all users when building External Popups

  • fixedTab element scrollTop animation on mobile mode

  • fixedClear Layout button visible for non admin users

  • fixedCustom Attributes option not accepting data attributes

  • fixedAnimations in popups were not replayed after reopens

  • fixedVideo Play button appearing over Popup

  • fixedForm element sometimes working improperly on failed submits

13 July, 2020

Version 2.0.5
  • newGlobal blocks conditions

  • newDraft functionality for pages

  • newLottie element

  • newTabs animation options

  • newSwitcher animation options

  • newAccordion animation options

  • newAccordion active color option

  • newPlaylist active color option

  • newMenu mega menu option

  • newMenu orientation option

  • newMenu padding option for mobile menu items

  • newMenu styling options for active menu item

  • newLinks to Support and Docs in left sidebar

  • improvedStyles are added automatically when importing a Layout

  • improvedCustom Email template is now edited with a code editor

  • improvedEnabled shape option on responsive for all Sections

  • updatedGoogle Fonts list

  • fixedMMenu z-index for shape

  • fixedSection tag name

  • fixedGlobal block toolbar icon

  • fIxedRemoved contenteditable attribute on texts at preview

  • fixedToolbar positioning inside popups

  • fixedTextEditor at undo / redo

  • fixedGallery inside container elements (Tabs, Accordion, Switcher, etc.)

  • fixedCarousel inside container elements (Tabs, Accordion, Switcher, etc.)

  • fixedBackground video loop

  • fixedExternalPopup Google Fonts link

  • fixedForm select responsive width at preview

  • fixedSection padding resizers width

  • fixedCarousel incorrect width

9 June, 2020

Version 2.0.4
  • new3rd-party Free Hosting

27 April, 2020

Version 2.0.3
  • newWebP Compression (Images will be automatically converted into an efficient WebP format when supported by the client)

23 April, 2020

Version 2.0.2
  • newEmail notifications for new leads

17 April, 2020

Version 2.0.1
  • newMove the project between accounts

  • fixedNo email received when adding account team member

16 April, 2020

Version 2.0.0
  • newPopups

  • newRedirects

  • newsitemap.xml for projects

  • newCustom links for menu

  • newDynamic Text Replacement

  • improvedPreview page speed

  • improvedPossibility to edit team member role

  • improvedPossibility to edit account name

  • improvedPossibility to delete account name

  • improvedProject editing by many team members at the same time

  • fixedSendinBlue integration key doesn't work (something went wrong on List point)

  • fixedBrowser cache on preview page

  • fixedSendinBlue integration doesn't receive the Brizy form field info

  • fixedHTML Export - connection timed out

  • fixedServer Sync - permanently ribbon 'sync in progress' on preview

  • fixedServer Sync - connection timed out

  • fixedRemoved slug on index page

  • fixedUploaded fonts in saved blocks