Brizy Free 1.0.91: Show/Hide Disabled Elements

We've added a cool new feature that lets you show or hide disabled elements on your page. You know that annoying spacer element that you hide in the builder but it is still there, and you can't get a feel on how things will look on your front end? This feature fixes that.

As promised the update schedule will pick up a bit, we want and plan to have one every 2-3 weeks. This one is sort of a mini update, I'll explain below.

In this article I'll address the following :

Where is the new (freaking) Kit

Show Hide Disabled Elements

What's coming next


Where is the new (freaking) Kit

I've said in my last Brizy 1.0.82 announcement blog post the new kit will be next and it will. This update doesn't have any impact on the release date of the kit.

This was supposed to come together with the Kit as part of the same update but we've figured we want the main stage for the kit only, so we decided to more this.

What's new in this update?

I'm excited to walk you through the new things we've worked on in this update:

Toolbar v2

There is a fine line to walk between the complexity of an UI and what you can do with it in terms of using the features and options it provides to actually create stuff., in our case pages.

In general, the more things you can do with a software the harder it is to find minimal and easy to use solutions for the UI. This is a problem and challenge we understood right from the get go and decided to tackle it. It was this, or take the easy way out and trow everything in a sidebar, like the rest. But where is "the Brizy way" in that?

We knew that as we move deeper into the development process, we'll want to add more options and features and that will pose a problem because we can't just slap another icon on the options toolbar and be done with it. Not only that we'll have huge toolbars when you click an element (the text has 10 icons on the toolbar now) but it would be sloppy work as well.

What we did in this update is moved some of the non-essential icons under the gear icon, this way they are not in the way on the main toolbar, but easily accesable one click away.

I'm proud to say that this change managed two important things:

  1. make the UI even more subtle and minimal by reducing the initial number of icons you see on any given options toolbar without affecting ease of use and the UX
  2. we've created another options layer where we can put new icons for other features and options for the elements. like reordering elements on a grid (buttons, icons, sliders) or an animation module 🙂

Show Hide Disabled Elements

If in our latest Brizy 1.0.82 update we've improved how you work with design elements by adding the ability to search or choose not to display them in the sidebar, and in this one, we'll drastically improve how you work with disabled elements.

We've added the possibility to hide your disabled blocks. Well, you'll choose to show them because they will be hidden by default. Here is how it works:

What's coming next … for real 🙂

The New Kit – the long-awaited new kit.

Check out all the blocks: Light Version and Dark Version.

Brizy block kit
Brizy block kit
Brizy block kit

We also have 10 beautiful landing pages ready that are coming in the next design update after the new 480 blocks kit.

September 30, 2019

Article by Dimi

One of the designers and co-founders of Brizy and ThemeFuse, Dimi has a passion for design, WordPress, and products with great usability. He is always happy to share and connect with others. Drop him a line.

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