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Hi everyone, we've been receiving questions about the next update over email and I've realised that not all our users do facebook or at least not all joined the facebook community yet so they didn't get the chance to read the state of development I've pinned there last week.

I'll mainly repeat what I've said on facebook and try to add some more details (images/gifs) for the features we are working on (where I can).

In this article I'll address the following :

Two months since the last update

Better communication

People spreading fear in other communities

Brizy Cloud vs Brizy WordPress

What's next


First of all, thanks for your patience & continued support. Let's get into it and address some of the questions I've got over the last few days:

Two months since the last update, what's happening?

Updates are not released based on the time from the last update, but instead, when they are ready and depending on the scope and complexity of every update this may take less or more.

Because this time we've worked on the Brizy Core it happened to take more. A bit more than we have anticipated. This was for the good of the project and will enable us to continue the work on other important features that are coming plus a bunch of optimisations, like code output reduction builder speed loading and so on.

Better communication?

This is the point where I take full responsibility. We could have handled the communication better and I'll make sure to be more careful next time. You live and learn I guess.

People spreading fear in other communities, why?

I've got this question over email from someone interested in Brizy that read who knows what in other communities.

People that spread fear don’t know what they are talking about. They either have little to zero understanding of how software development works or are ill-intended and want to hurt us. We are not going anywhere, the development is going at a nice pace with the beta for the next update to be released this week.

Are you focusing more on Brizy Cloud now?

I've heard some concerns (well, rumours and hearsay) that we are focusing on Brizy Cloud and the WordPress plugin was left behind. Nothing further from the truth.

The Brizy builder is the same in both projects it will be madness to manage 2 different Brizy builders. The development of the Brizy builder is handled by our Builder Team.

The Cloud part (the dashboard, certain Server setups, cloud features like team members, collaboration, sub-accounts, etc) are handled by our Cloud team.

The builder is mainly front end: JS, ReactJS, HTML, CSS and the cloud is PHP and server-side programming. Because the skill sets are different we couldn't divert builder resources to the cloud even if we wanted to.

So, to put this to bed once and for all, the focus is on Brizy as a whole (WordPress + Cloud) and these two parts of the project are handled by 2 different teams with different skill sets.

The updates always come first in the WordPress plugin, so if anything the WordPress users get the newest features and options first.

What's next?

We are nearly there with the next update, we'll have the beta build this week for everyone to take for a spin. In this one, we'll have a couple of new things (see below) but most importantly we've re-coded some important parts that will let us improve Brizy, even more, going further (load speed, CSS output, builder optimisations and more).

THIS WEEK (week 32)

This is a beta, you'll have access to it but we'll need to test it together before release. I'm counting on your support with this. If you are not in our beta list yet. join the beta crew on this link and we'll notify you once we have a new build to test.

This update will have

1. Custom Fonts – we'll be able to upload and use custom fonts.

2. Optimisations – editor loading, working with Brizy, CSS optimisation in preview. There is still a lot of work to be done here in next updates, but we've put the bases that will let us do it in this update.

3. Improved Style UI – borders, colour picker, shadow

4. Preparations for Contact form v2 – laid the groundwork for Contact V2

5. Preparations for Import/Export – laid the groundwork for Brizy Cloud sync

NEXT UPDATE (2-3 weeks, under a month)

Forms V2 – will have SMTP integration, Gmail integration, checkboxes, radio boxes, horizontal submit button, ReCapcha

NEXT UPDATE (2-3 weeks, under a month)

Global Popups – all we need for conditional global popups with a bunch of triggers to let you set popups the way you want.

Global Popups
Add New Global Popup
Popup Triggers

NEXT UPDATE (2-3 weeks, under a month)

The New Kit – the long-awaited new kit.

Check out all the blocks: Light Version and Dark Version.

Brizy block kit
Brizy block kit
Brizy block kit

As a side note, my colleague Bogdan started to design a set of landing pages for Brizy PRO users, I saw the first 4-5, just wow … we'll share some previews soon.

NEXT UPDATE (2-3 weeks, under a month)

Block Conditions – will let us set conditions on any block on the page. Will be used predominantly for headers and footers but they work the same on any block on your page.

I've tested an alpha version of this and I promise you'll love it.

Display Conditions

NEXT UPDATE (2-3 weeks, under a month)

Import / Export – will let us sync blocks and pages into the cloud and access them in any WP admin. This is when Brizy WP and Brizy Cloud will come together in a very cool way.

August 8, 2019

Article by Dimi

One of the designers and co-founders of Brizy and ThemeFuse, Dimi has a passion for design, WordPress, and products with great usability. He is always happy to share and connect with others. Drop him a line.

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