Brizy WordPress Update Tracker – 2020

The Brizy Pro launch plan

As much as we want the confetti and popping of the champagne launch, this will not be it. Well, maybe we’ll have that eventually, but what we want for the Brizy Pro launch is to do it in stages spread over the coming months.

We think there are some benefits to this approach: 

– We’ll be able to carefully bring the Pro to life one feature at a time and make sure all the pieces fit together just right

– We’ll be able to test and fix the eventual issue before adding the next features 

– We’ll get specific segmented ideas & feedback on every feature for future improvements 

– You’ll be able to get through every feature and get to know it & get comfortable with it 

Scroll down to see all major features added into Brizy in 2020 to date and what we plan for the next updates. We’ll keep this article updated every time we add something important in Brizy.

This list should be used as a guideline only. Find the complete Changelog here.

17 JAN 2020 – WordPress Update

Contact Form V2 (Free & Pro) – vastly improved the contact form, with new fields, gmail integration, SMTP integration, reCaptcha.

Features already added in Brizy Free 1.0.109 & Brizy PRO 0.0.32. (Find out more)

NEXT – WordPress Update

Design Update (Free & Pro) – we’ll add a pack of 14 landing page designs

Features already added in Brizy Free 1.0.112 & Brizy PRO 0.0.34. (Find out more)

NEXT – WordPress Update

Huge Improvements Update (Free & Pro) – we’ll add new elements, improve old ones, fix and improve the UI/UX.

Features already added in Brizy Free 1.0.118 & Brizy PRO 0.0.37. (Find out more)

NEXT – WordPress Update

Import/Export via Server Sync (Free & Pro) – you’ll be able to save blocks and layouts, sync them to your brizy account and access them from any WP admin by connecting your Brizy account.

New Elements (Pro) – Table & Lottie element

Mega Menu Builder (Pro) – we’ll add mega menu options for the Menu element that will let you create any Mega Menu you want using the elements and tools you are used to in Brizy

Features already added in Brizy Free 2.0 & Brizy PRO 2.0 (Find out more)

NEXT – WordPress Update

Block Conditions (PRO) – the Brizy Theme Builder, you’ll be able to set display conditions for any block. Mostly used on headers and footers.

Features already added in Brizy PRO 2.0 (Find out more)

THIS YEAR – WordPress Update

WooCommerce Builder (PRO) – you’ll be able to build the templates of WooCommerce with Brizy

Features already added in Brizy PRO 2.1 (Find out more)

THIS YEAR – WordPress Update

Developer API (Free) – we open up Brizy’s development to 3rd party developers through a powerful API that will let you extend Brizy to your heart’s desire.

January 19, 2020

Article by Dimi

One of the designers and co-founders of Brizy and ThemeFuse, Dimi has a passion for design, WordPress, and products with great usability. He is always happy to share and connect with others. Drop him a line.

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