Introducing Brizy Cloud White Label

on 4 October 2021, by Dimi, in Blog, PRO, Cloud, Updates

by Dimi

We are introducing a new Agency plan in Brizy Cloud that comes with the opportunity to let you brand Brizy Cloud as your own. We'll do the whole setup for you.

Besides the dashboard and the builder branding, we'll be masking, and domains with your own and all the notifications from Brizy Cloud will appear to be sent from your email.

This is a perfect plan for web design agencies that create custom websites for clients and need a white label website builder solution to brand as their own.

The white label options

Once you'll own the Brizy Cloud Agency plan, and we go though the on boarding process setting up your white label options, this is how you and your clients will experience your instance of Brizy Cloud:

The Brizy Cloud dashboard will be accessed on your custom domain

The dashboard will be branded with your logo and favicon

Create unlimited websites all published on your custom subdomain

Custom About and Support links that point to your website

All notifications sent by the system (account creation, team member invites, reset the password, etc) will show as if they come from your email.

The process of white labeling your Brizy Cloud Agency plan

The white label options onboarding process is done by us manually for each Agency plan owner, in a couple of steps, as follows:

Step 1. Purchase a Cloud Agency plan

After you purchase a Brizy Cloud Agency plan, we'll send you an email from us to start the onboarding process.

IMPORTANT: If you are a Brizy Cloud customer, the Cloud Agency plan can't stack up with any other plans, it needs to be on a separate account. There are technical considerations for the white label options that need to be applied to the Agency plan only.

Don't worry if you get the Agency plan in your current Brizy account that has other plans in there, we'll move it for you on a new account in Step 2.

Step 2. Provide the white label info

Once the payment goes through, expect an email from us. In this email, we'll ask for additional information for your white label account. From the name and logo of your business, to domains that will mask your Brizy Cloud account and more.

Step 3. We set up your white label account

Once all the info is provided, you'll hear from us and we start setting everything up. The setup will be done manually on our side and will take a couple of days based on a number of factors (some out of our control like domain propagation). We'll keep you in the loop over email.  

Step 4. You add some DNS Records on your domains

After we set up everything on our side, you'll need to add a couple of Domain Name Server (DNS) Records. We'll let you know exactly what you need to add over email.

Step 5. Start using your branded Brizy Cloud account

We will monitor the DNS changes and propagation on our side, and once that is done, we'll send you a final email that will contain all the info related to your white label account: how to access it and so on.

At this point, you are ready to use your white label Brizy Agency plan.

The 25% off introductory price (limited time offer)

In the next 2 months, we'll have an introductory price for the Brizy Cloud Agency plan. All new purchases will come with a 25% discount recurring (each year).

Save $120 each year, from the regular $499/yr price point, you can get it for $379/yr (every year), and if you choose to pay per month, from $49/mo to $39/mo (every month).

The 40% off for Brizy LTD customers & early adopters

We've promised we'll come up with a great discount for our early adopters that purchased a Brizy Lifetime plan before 30 September 2021.

This is our proposal for all of you that invested in Brizy right from the get-go and supported us over the years not only with your hard-earned cash, but with your feedback as well:

  • 40% recurring discount (applied every year) for the Brizy Cloud Agency plan

IMPORTANT: Claim this 40% discount from your Brizy account where you have the LTD plan. You should see a button that lets you purchase the Agency Cloud plan directly from your dashboard. You can choose to pay yearly or monthly.

The white label options for AppSumo LTD customers

Back in 2019, we had an AppSumo LTD deal for Brizy Cloud. We've promised the white label options as included once they will be available and since we do our best to keep our promises, this is us fulfilling that promise.

To take advantage of white label options, you need to contact us over email. There are 2 things to keep in mind:

  • you need to pay for 2 SSL certificates that are used to mask the brizy domains. These are worth around $100/year. We'll let you know in the onboarding process what you need to do step by step.
  • your white label implementation will come with the limitations of your LTD plan, that is 3 websites with custom domains per AppSumo code.

Read more about the process & how to claim the white label options (you can access this link from your Brizy account as well).

The 40% off for AppSumo LTD customers

Being part of our LTD customers, our AppSumo owners also benefit from 40% off on the Agency plan:

  • 40% recurring discount (applied every year) for the Brizy Cloud Agency plan

IMPORTANT: Claim this 40% discount from your Brizy account where you have the LTD plan. You should see a button that lets you purchase the Agency Cloud plan directly from your dashboard. You can choose to pay yearly or monthly.

You might be wondering why would you get the Agency plan with a 40% discount when you can get the white label options for cheaper.

That is because your white label implementation comes with the limitations of your AppSumo LTD account (3 websites per AppSumo code).

The 40% OFF Agency plan from your Brizy account comes with 100 websites right from the get go.


This long-awaited white label features together with the 100 included websites in the Agency plan are perfect for anyone that works with clients and is looking for a white label website builder solution.

Great things ahead.

Article by Dimi

One of the designers and co-founders of Brizy and ThemeFuse, Dimi has a passion for design, WordPress, and products with great usability. He is always happy to share and connect with others.

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