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We know, starting a new website from scratch can be a bit intimidating. Not anymore! With Brizy AI builder you can get a jump start with an almost complete website. Just add your custom edits to make it your own.

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Discover the efficiency of Brizy AI, the tool designed to simplify your workload. Cut down on the hours spent on manual tasks every week, allowing you to focus on what truly matters for your business or project.


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Tom Johnson,

Owner WPwithTom

Huge plus for my clients!

"I absolutely love how easy Brizy is to use. With Brizy I can easily create beautiful looking sites quickly which is a huge plus for clients of mine. Adjusting different aspects of the website has been made so simple. I plan on using Brizy on many of my projects for years to come!"


Built with Brizy AI

Free to use, no credit card required.

Start for free, no credit card required.

Here are a few examples of results achieved by leveraging Brizy AI in our showcase of "Websites Built with Brizy AI." From sleek and modern designs to user-friendly interfaces, these examples highlight the versatility and creative potential of our AI-powered website builder.

Claudia Cestone, graphic designer

Opens up the floodgates to more productivity & less insanity

“Brizy is godsend for everyone struggling with site builders that monopolise the industry with catch phrases like ‘Best Drag & Drop builder'... I have tried all the so-called 'top' options and the only one that truly lives up to its name is Brizy. It opens up the floodgates to more productivity and less insanity”

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Kickstart your website with nearly finished designs. Simply incorporate your personalized edits using Brizy AI website builder & tailor it to your preferences.

Try for free, no credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI website builder?

An AI website builder is a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to assist users in creating websites. AI website builders can help you design pages, suggesting color schemes, optimizing for mobile responsiveness, or creating content. By leveraging AI technology, Brizy AI Website Builder simplifies the process creation process and assists you in achieving professional sites, even if you have no prior coding experience or you’ve never created a website before.

Is Brizy AI Website Builder free to use?

Without an account created, you can generate up to 5 websites with Brizy AI. Once you start your Free Trial, you can generate as many websites as you like and enjoy all the PRO features for 14 days. However, for publishing on a custom domain your AI-generated website, you are required to upgrade to any PRO plan.

Is hosting provided with Brizy AI Website Builder?

You can use the AI Website Builder from both free and PRO plans, inheriting the hosting options available within the plan. Custom domain hosted by Brizy on AWS starts with $19/month, with the Personal plan.

Can I use my own domain with Brizy AI Website Builder?

Sure, you can easily use your own domain for publishing the new website generated with AI. Linking to a custom domain is a PRO feature, therefore you will need to upgrade to any of our PRO plans. Check Pricing page for detailed overview of the available options.

Who should use Brizy AI Website Builder?

Everybody! It’s easy to use, no coding required at all, so if you’re a freelancer, a business owner, a SaaS or a large enterprise, you can use it as easily and get your website online in a flash. It’s the perfect tool to build business sites, blogs, online stores or any other sites from ground up in minutes.

Do I need any coding experience to use Brizy's AI website builder?

No, Brizy is designed for users with no coding knowledge. You just need to pick your industry, site name and a short description and AI will build an amazing website for you in seconds.

How long does it take to build a website with Brizy's AI builder?

Brizy allows you to generate with AI a website in under 20 seconds. You can further customize your website, to your specific needs and with your own content and imagery directly in Brizy’s Builder editor.

Is my website mobile-friendly if I use Brizy's AI builder?

Yes, Brizy ensures websites are responsive and mobile-friendly. Meaning your site will automatically adjust itself depending on the needs of the device that is being used on, for the best user-experience.

Does Brizy offer any SEO features for my website?

Sure, once you generate your site and bring it inside Brizy editor for more work, then every page, blog post, or custom post has an SEO tab where you’ll find the custom SEO options, Title and Description. Also, you can optimize your SEO settings from the page content and from the global SEO options, available in Brizy Cloud CMS under Project Settings.

What kind of support does Brizy offer for its AI website builder?

You can always access free support resources like Brizy Documentation, YouTube tutorials, by joining our Facebook community or sending us an email to

Is Brizy White Label AI Website Builder available?

Not yet, but will be available shortly as we are currently working hard on developing it for our White Label subscribers. Stay tuned – it’s next on our priority list and will soon be launched. Follow us on social media channels for keeping tabs on what’s to come on the AI roadmap.

Is Brizy AI Website Builder available for WordPress?

Not yet, but stay tuned – it’s next on our priority list and will soon be launched. Follow us on social media channels for keeping tabs on what’s to come on the AI roadmap.

Can you generate websites with AI in multi-languages?

This feature is included in the next release on the AI roadmap so it will become very soon available. We’ll inform the launch of the new feature on social media channels and on Brizy’s website. Please join our newsletter to stay updated when we will launch it, by subscribing here

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