Brizy Website Builder for SaaS, deployed on-premise

Brizy Local is perfect for SaaS & Enterprise businesses that need a website builder deployed on-premise. Seamless, secure and affordable.

Key Benefits of Brizy Local, the best website builder for SaaS

SaaS website builder

Brizy Local is embeddable and White Label ready, so it can be seamlessly integrated in your existing products, ensuring optimal user experience.

Secure, Compliant & Safe

Being installed on-premise, with complete client control, our solution ensures that all GDPR, ISO, data security requirements are 100% met.

Optimize costs, reduce churn

Deploying a ready-made, professional website building platform vs. developing it in-house, will massively reduce costs.


No constraints on Cloud infrastructure.

Brizy Local works with any on-premise infrastructure, no matter the provider or the complexity, making it the best SaaS website builder:


Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud

Digital Ocean

Mohammad F.

Business Development - Founder

"The Ultimate Solution To Scale Up Your Agency"

"I started web design in 2019, at first I did my research of choosing a website builder and when it comes to research and study I'm a very selective person (I like the best and most reliable) I tried almost every website builder out there but Brizy it just hits different, even though the..." Read Review on G2

100% White label

White label site builder that perfectly integrates with your SaaS product

You'll offer a white label website building solution that is perfectly integrated with your core offering. Create a new revenue stream by selling Brizy as your own.


Tailored Templates to Match Your SaaS Unique Flair!

You can start with a blank page and let your imagination guide you, but if that’s too intimidating, just import one of the included Landing Pages, Stories or Pop-up designs.

Nadir E.

Director Small-Business

"Unique and Great Website Tool for Agencies."

"I was looking for a solution to prepare websites in a practical way for the clients my advertising agency serves. After researching many companies, I decided on Brizy's White Label product. It has an easy-to-understand structure, but you can still make many customizations. In addition..." Read Review on G2

Amazing page loading speed

We've tested Agens, one of our pre-made designs that comes included with Brizy and these are the performance grades and page load times:

Google PageSpeed









Click the scores above to verify our claims.

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General FAQs

What is Brizy and how can it benefit my SaaS business?

Brizy, and specifically the Brizy Local product, is a website builder that allows on-premise integration. What this means is that SaaS businesses in need of a website builder can easily deploy our builder on their own server infrastructure. The advantage of an on-premise integration vs. hosting the platform with us is that the builder can be seamlessly integrated in existing SaaS products, ensuring optimal user experience, and can also massively reduce costs due to running on client's own infrastructure.

How easy is it to use Brizy? Do I need any coding skills?

Brizy has very easy-to-understand interface and intuitive workflows, with 100% no-code experience. We also provide lots of short video walkthroughs inside the interface, exactly where it’s needed, so you don’t have to go out of your way to learn how to use a certain feature.

Can I customize my website without any limitations?

Sure, the level of customisations options in Brizy is very high, with infinite possibilities for creating amazing designs. Our builder comes packed with pre-made design templates, blocks, popups, etc. and even if these are not sufficient, the tools and the 37 elements available for custom creation are plentiful. Also, our Responsive options are simple to use but quite powerful, allowing to create tablet and mobile optimised pages in no time.

Is Brizy suitable for building SaaS landing pages and full websites?

While full websites are certainly possible, the bread and butter of these use cases will be landing pages. Quick, easy to create pages, deployed on-premise can be created very easily.

Pricing & Plans

What are the pricing options for Brizy Local?

Please contact our sales team in order to get a personalised offer here:

Do Brizy offer any discounts for agencies or multiple projects?

Sure, please contact our Sales team here so we can better understand your needs and provide you with a personalised offer.

Is there a free trial or demo available?

Of-course, you can demo the product for Free by following this GitHub link. We offer a free 30 day trial to explore the technical possibilities and gain a better understanding of how the integration works.

Technical FAQ

What are the server requirements for Brizy Local (SaaS)

The technical requirements for server deployments are as follows and explained in this GitHub page:

  • node >= 16
  • npm >= 7

Is Brizy Local secure and compliant with data protection regulations?

Being installed on the clients servers, with complete control, our solution ensures that all GDPR, ISO, data security requirements are 100% met.

What kind of support and resources are available?

We offer dedicated support via help-desk and chat as well as extensive documentation and APIs. We can also help with the on-premise integration and deployment of our product inside the client’s infrastructure.

Is it possible to migrate an existing website to Brizy?

Migrating websites from an existing builder to Brizy is only possible if we custom develop a migration tool between the two platforms. This would involve extra costs for cutom development work and will add time to the integration deadline.

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