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on 09 August 2022, by Bogdan

Landing pages are extremely important to businesses irrespective of the scale. If you want to make more conversions, generate more leads, identify new customers, explore new market niches, improve sales and revenue, you should learn how to build a landing page.

on 04 August 2022, by Bogdan

In this post, we’ll cover some top tools to build a website with WordPress. The best thing about WordPress is the versatility of the platform. You can build any type of website provided you install the right tools capable of supporting the needs of the website you want to build.

on 16 August 2022, by Bogdan

Web cookies are invaluable to site owners, whether you build your website via code-free solutions or have it coded from scratch. Because site visitors natively have a negative nuance towards the cookie popup, you have to be careful about how you design it. And in this post, we'll show you how to design better cookie popups.

on 02 August 2022, by Bogdan

In this article we'll explore how to build a website on Kinsta web hosting. WordPress has numerous hosting providers, with plans specifically dedicated to it. While the other providers can host websites from many content management systems, Kinsta has been established to specifically host WordPress websites only.

on 31 July 2022, by Bogdan

With responsive design, you have an opportunity to ensure that your website’s design has been optimized for desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. This way your site visitors will have nearly the same experience irrespective of the device

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