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Brizy is the most user-friendly WordPress page builder in town! No designer or developer skills required!

Brizy Builder

Intuitive & Clutter Free

Nothing says ‘intuitive’ more than a tool that shows only what’s needed for the task and hides everything that’s not. That’s what makes Brizy the best WordPress page builder.


Real-time Editing

No more disjointed experience, build and edit everything right in front of your eyes. 


Drag & Drop

Arrange and move anything you see on screen with a simple motion of your cursor.


Cutting Edge

Brizy is built on React, the open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook. This is the go-to technology for UI.


Fully Loaded

Forms, Sliders & Tabs are just a few of the premium tools included in the Free version.

Brizy Page Builder Layouts


Get off to a great start with professional pre-made designs

You might want to begin with a blank page and let your imagination guide you, but if that’s a little too intimidating, just start off with one of our beautiful pre-designed pages, blocks and pop-ups, all part of our WordPress layout builder.




Jam-packed with Unique Features

Brizy includes for free tools that other builders only offer as paid upgrades

Visual Contact Forms

Brizy Page Builder

No more complex contact form plugins. Say hello to the future: Visual Forms!

Sliders from any Block

Any block of content can be turned into an animated slider with a click of a button.

Saved & Global Blocks

Brizy Page Builder

Update all instances of a global block from a single place. Great for repeating content.


Undo / Redo

Go back to a previous state with our Undo functionality. Or, redo steps to work faster.


Video Backgrounds

Use any YouTube or Vimeo videos as a loopable background to any block.



Entry animations that bring pizzaz and interaction are always a good idea to have.



Add box-shadows to any element, including columns and rows.

Image Focus & Zoom

Zoom in a photo and pan it around with our unique Focus point functionality.


Borders & Corners

Further stylise your content by rounding corners or adding borders. 


Padding & Margin

These all-important web design tools are easy to use and to understand in Brizy.


Resize Columns

Just drag the handle that appears between 2 adjacent columns to resize their width.


The time-saving feature designers always wanted

Ever wanted to change all the similar colors in your page with a single click? With Brizy drag and drop website builder, you can! Not only that, but you can change all texts that share the same properties in one go, as well. All done with our Global Styling options.


Build quickly and intuitively with our innovative content tools

Speed up your design workflow with our smart content tools that show most options for each element right on top of it. This reduces mouse travel and saves time and also makes Brizy the most sought after drag and drop website builder.

• Rich Text Element

• Images with Zoom & Focus 

• Easy-to-setup Forms

• 4000+ Vector Icons

• Smart, Versatile Buttons

• Unrestricted Tabs Content

Custom Fields Integrations

The most important custom fields WordPress website builder plugins are all supported, so the hard decision of which one to use is entirely up to you.

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What people are saying

Brizy is rated 4.4 stars out of 5 stars on WordPress plugins directory. Good or bad, these are 100% honest and real, just like us.

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