Build Websites in 1 Click with Google My Business in Brizy AI.

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Brizy for Enterprise

Empower Your Clients to Build Stunning Websites in Seconds

Launch a website and landing page builder for your SaaS / CRM / CMS, headless and optionally on-premises. Go beyond the ordinary with a platform that bends to your will with our enterprise-grade customization options.

"After switching to Brizy. Learnyst content creators can seamlessly launch their course websites online and start generating income."


CEO @ Learnyst

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Supercharge Client Loyalty and Boost Revenue

Full White-Labeling

Enjoy complete customization and control through an API integration to perfectly match your brand and target market.

Websites in Seconds

Empower your users to generate stunning websites instantly, all under your brand, with our Brizy White-Labeled AI builder.

Scalable Savings

Brizy offers tiered pricing plans that scale with your needs. The more websites you manage, the greater your cost savings.

Secure & Scalable

Whether you choose local hosting or leverage AWS, every website built with Brizy receives an SSL certificate protecting your customers data online.

Dedicated Success Team

Our experts are available at the click of a button to ensure smooth onboarding and guide you towards ongoing success with our products.

Deploy Brizy, Your Way

Seamlessly integrate Brizy to perfectly match your go-to-market strategy, brand and target audience.

Supercharge Your Platform: Integrate Website Creation

Secure & Scalable

Integrate Brizy seamlessly into your platform. Your brand, your rules.

Rich Design Library

200+ templates, 500+ blocks, 50+ elements for instant customization, 100+ White Label in-product videos.

Marketing Essentials

Built-in popup builder and Web Stories for engaging content, dozens of integrations.

Why Enterprises Chooses Brizy