21 New Layout Packs in Brizy

I'm excited to let you know that we've released a major design update for Brizy Free & PRO. We've added 21 new layout packs: 7 went in Brizy Free and 14 in Brizy PRO.

You might want to begin with a blank page and let your imagination guide you, but if that’s a little too intimidating, just start with one of our beautiful pre-designed layout packs that come with pre-made global typography, colors.

What follows are just the homepages for each layout pack, hit the View Demo button to see all the layouts included with each pack.

The 21 Layout Packs

AppSide | Free

The Core | PRO

Kaufman | Free

Pathfinder | PRO

Kids Play | PRO

Home Feast | Free

The Practice | Free

Pearl Dent | PRO

Agrikol | PRO

Avalon | PRO

Ekstra | PRO

Yachter | Free

Politiko | PRO

Refix | Free

Uplyft | PRO

Workspace | PRO


More amazing layout designs are already in the works. We have the next batch of layout packs already designed and working on the implementation. We are also working on 60 marketing landing pages: 20 in the Brizy implementation phase, 40 in the design phase.

Please add any suggestions/issues and receive support on our website here. Also, consider joining our Facebook community where we discuss all things Brizy every day.  

Until next time. 

December 4, 2020

Article by Brizy

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