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I was waiting to write the Brizy Pro launch post since Brizy came to life a couple of months back. As you may already know we were (and still are) hard at work on Brizy Pro that brings extended features and functionalities and thus more power to let you create websites even faster & easier.

I’m excited to let you know we have a lot of functionality already done and after our team’s meeting last week we’ve decided it’s time to roll out the Pro. 

We’ve made a plan on how we want this to happen that I want to present to you right now. In this article you’ll find:

Brizy update tracker

About the Lifetime Deal 


The Brizy Pro launch plan

As much as we want the confetti and popping of the champagne launch, this will not be it. Well, maybe we’ll have that eventually, but what we want for the Brizy Pro launch is to do it in stages spread over the coming months.

We think there are some benefits to this approach: 

– We’ll be able to carefully bring the Pro to life one feature at a time and make sure all the pieces fit together just right

– We’ll be able to test and fix the eventual issue before adding the next features 

– We’ll get specific segmented ideas & feedback on every feature for future improvements 

– You’ll be able to get through every feature and get to know it & get comfortable with it 

Brizy update tracker

Scroll down to see all the features added into Brizy and what we plan to add next. We’ll keep this article updated every time something new goes live. This list should be used as a guideline only.

TOMORROW (22 AUG 2018)

Image Lightbox (Free) – a long time coming feature 🙂

WordPress templates (Free) – there will be not much use for it now, but this will prepare some things for the dynamic content features to come and you’ll be able to use it with the header and footer.

Featured Image (Free) – we’ve moved the WordPress featured image in the front-end. Not much use now, but there will be options that will use the featured image. Mainly the dynamic content that will come in a couple of weeks. 

Features already added in Brizy FREE 1.0.25. (Find out more)


Role Manager (Pro) – 1st feature in Pro. This will require you login into your Brizy account and download the Pro version, then install it in your WordPress admin. Let the fun begin! 🙂

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.1. (Find out more)

WEEK 35, 2018

Dynamic Content WordPress (Pro) – add dynamic content from WordPress in Brizy 

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.2. (Find out more)


Image Gallery (Free & Pro) – you’ll be able to add image galleries via the Gallery element that we’ll add in Brizy. The Pro version will have some extended functionality.

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.3. (Find out more)


Dynamic Content ACF (Pro) – add dynamic content created with ACF in Brizy 

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.4. (Find out more)


Popup Builder (Pro) – this will let you create pop-ups that will be triggered on links or buttons.

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.5. (Find out more)


Carousel Element (Pro) – this will let you create carousels on your pages.

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.6. (Find out more)


Shape Dividers (Free) – let you create transitions between your blocks of content by using the top and bottom divider options. (Moved to Free in 1.0.82 – Find out more)

Image & Video Filters (Pro) – let you control the hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast for any image or video on the page.

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.7. (Find out more)


Posts (Free & Pro) – we’ll add a Posts element that will let you display your posts on the front-end. The Pro will have some extra functionality. 

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.8. (Find out more)


Archives Element (Pro) – lets you create Blog Archives using the the Archives Element. This element can be found in the elements sidebar available in Templates only.

Extended Dynamic Options (Pro) – we’ve extended the dynamic content options for Carousel & background block images.

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.9. (Find out more)


Dynamic Content Pods (Pro) – add dynamic content created with Pods in Brizy 

Dynamic Content Toolset (Pro) – add dynamic content created with Toolset in Brizy  

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.10. (Find out more)


Premium Designed Pages (Pro) – we’ll add part of the premium designed pages. We’ll continue to add new pages frequently. 

Custom Styles  (Free & Pro) – the premium designed pages will come with font and colour styles of their own. Using the custom style option you’ll be able to switch the styles on the fly without the need to load a specific page.

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.11. (Find out more)


Responsive  (Free & Pro) – we plan to add Tablet responsive control with breakpoints control as well. 

Features already added in Brizy FREE 1.0.42 (Find out more)


Header / Footer (Pro) – this will let you add and create headers and footers. Together with the Block Conditions that will come in the next update you’ll be able to apply the headers and footers on all the pages of your website. 

Menu (Pro) – an extended version of the navigation Menu that can be found in Brizy Free.

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.14 (Find out more)


Dynamic Content Meta Box (Pro) – add dynamic content created with Meta Box 

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.16. (Find out more)


Forms Integrations (Pro) – you’ll be able to integrate your forms with different external services like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Convert Kit, Zapier, Drip and more.

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.17. (Find out more)


Hover options for containers (Free) – you’ll be able to change the hover style of containers.

Features already added in Brizy FREE 1.0.60. (Find out more)


Gradient colors (Free) – this update will let you add gradient colors

Features already added in Brizy FREE 1.0.60. (Find out more)


Facebook Elements (Pro) – we’ll add 4 new elements in Brizy that will let you add a Facebook Button, Facebook Comments a Facebook Embed and/or a Facebook Page.  

Custom CSS (Pro) – you’ll be able to add custom CSS to elements

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.18. (Find out more)


Right Click V2 (Free) – an improved version for the right click that will contain more options like copy paste style and a bunch of shortcuts for users to do things a lot faster.

Keyboard shortcuts (Free) – a set of keyboard shortcuts that will considerably speed your way in working with Brizy. A long-awaited quality of life update.

Features already added in Brizy FREE 1.0.67. (Find out more)


Premium Designs (Pro) – 17 layout packs containing more than 75 pages of premium design

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.19. (Find out more)


White Label (Pro) – you’ll be able to remove all the Brizy branding and replace it with your own. Useful for anyone that creates client websites and want to present the builder with the company or personal branding.

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.20. (Find out more)


Custom Fonts (Pro) – you will be able to manage your fonts way better in your Brizy website: upload your custom fonts, add and delete fonts that you are not using.

Features already added in Brizy PRO 0.0.28. (Find out more)


New Block Kit (Free & Pro) – we are implementing a new block kit. It comes with a new modern minimalist design style and with a more vibrant colour palette. Check out all the blocks on this landing page.

Features already added in Brizy Free 1.0.94 and Brizy PRO 0.0.30. (Find out more)


Popup V2 with Triggers & Display conditions (Pro) – a new vastly improved popup that comes with trigger and display conditions.


Block Conditions (Pro) – you’ll be able to set block conditions based on different parameters.


Form V2 (Pro) – improvements to Form that will include radio boxes and checkboxes, SMTP settings, Recaptcha, having the form on one line and more.


Unsplash (Pro) – this will be very handy for designers or developers that will create client websites. When you add images on your page, you’ll be able to search, filter and select Unsplash images directly from the Brizy interface.


A / B Testing (Pro) – you’ll be able to create split testing for the content created with Brizy.


Mega Menu (Pro) – you will be able to create custom mega menus for your header menu.

Lifetime Deal

In case you are wondering, we plan to keep the Lifetime Deal going a bit longer until we transition to a yearly recurring license model. We’ll do that once the Pro will officially launch. We are closer with each and every update.

The 30 days money back guaranteed will start counting once we remove the Lifetime deal from our website and we transition on the regular yearly recurring licensing system. 


We are very excited to start pushing the Pro features out and bring everything together one update at a time. What’s important to mention is that we’ll continue to address everything listed and discussed on GitHub and added to our Roadmap.

We are committed to delivering the promise of Brizy and especially Brizy Pro. Know that even if there are still some features missing (we know every one of them) and we might still miss some deadlines (not because we want to), we never lose the focus and we always have our eyes on the final objective: To Make Brizy the Easiest & Fastest Way to Create Websites. 

Thanks for all your support and patience. Stay tuned as we will bring Brizy up to speed with all the features and ideas you suggested on the public Github repository.

Please consider joining our Facebook community where discuss all things Brizy every day.  

August 21, 2018

Article by Dimi

One of the designers and co-founders of Brizy and ThemeFuse, Dimi has a passion for design, WordPress, and products with great usability. He is always happy to share and connect with others. Drop him a line.

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