Brizy vs. Elementor


Web creatives choose Brizy over Elementor because it’s:

highly intuitive and a joy to use
packed with modern, beautiful designs
versatile – available for WordPress & Cloud
Builder Features

Here are 6 main reasons to consider Brizy:

Effortless to use

Brizy is a joy to use and is refreshingly intuitive.

Time saver

Change all similar colors used across the site, in one click.

Productive by design

Create beautiful pages in a snap using our cool pre-made blocks

WordPress & Cloud

Brizy is also available as a Cloud platform, with hosting included

Mobile done right

Full and individual control over Tablet and Mobile views.

Better value

You get more bang for your buck with Brizy Builder

Great alternative to Elementor & Divi

This Plugin uses an easy and beginner friendly drag-and-drop interface builder, but it provides you with the right options to continue working if your website gets bigger.



A joy to use

Enjoy a modern experience and reduce mouse travel with our highly intuitive interface. Brizy shows the editing options for each element right next to it. Watch the video below to see the side-by-side difference:


Time saving super-powers

Brizy saves precious time by letting you change all the colors & typography across your site in mere seconds. See how such a change in Brizy takes just a few seconds while in Elementor can take hours.

In Brizy, making changes to fonts & colors across the site is done with a couple of clicks and takes a few seconds due to our powerful Global Styling.

Changing fonts & colors in Elementor is done by editing each element one at a time. Then you need to do this again for every page of your site.

What a game changer

Love this plugin, so glad we found it and to say it has changed the way we build our sites is an understatement, It has changed the way we design full stop.



Productive by design

Brizy Starter kit is a collection of 500+ blocks that will enable you to create professional page designs in minutes.

500+ block designs
11 Categories
2 versions: Light & Dark
9 pre-made global styles


WordPress & Cloud

WordPress builders, like Elementor, don’t work ‘out-of-the-box’ unless you purchase a hosting plan separately. Brizy is unique because it’s available both as a WordPress plugin and Cloud hosted platform.

Builder Features
Host the site yourself or leave it to us

Brizy Cloud is a platform that combines the power of Brizy Builder with the comfort of unlimited hosting. This lets you jump straight to designing your site rather than worry about incompatible PHP versions, like is the case with self-hosted WordPress sites. Brizy Cloud is perfect for creating time-sensitive projects like landing pages or presentation websites.



Mobile done right

In Brizy, you can fully customise the Tablet and Mobile views with changes that are applied independent of the Desktop version. With Elementor, this is not always the case.


Better value

Brizy Pro offers more bang for your buck, with much better value for half the price.

3 sites for $49/yr

Unlimited sites for $99/yr

Lifetime for $299/once

Cloud version included

3 sites for $99/yr

1000 sites for $199/yr

Lifetime not available

Cloud not available

Everything about Brizy is amazing

Took me an hour to say WOW! Everything about the Brizy website builder is amazing. It’s easy to use, fast, comes with beautifully designed templates, I highly recommend it


Give Brizy Builder a try!

Choose between WordPress plugin or Cloud hosted – 100% free.

Brizy WordPress

Choose the WordPress plugin if you already own a hosting plan to host your website.

Brizy Cloud

Use Brizy Cloud if you need hosting for your website. Multiple publishing options available.

Brizy WordPress

If you have a hosting plan with WordPress installed, you can build your site using our Brizy WP plugin


Brizy Cloud

If you don’t have a hosting plan and want to start creating your site right now, press the button below


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