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Display Block Conditions, Mega Menu, Lottie & Table Elements, Working in Draft

on 16 July 2020, by Dimi, in Display Block Conditions, Mega Menu, Lottie & Table Elements, Working in Draft

We've added new exciting options and features in Brizy Cloud: global block display conditions (that will let you put a header or a footer across all your pages in an instant), new elements like Lottie and Table, and more.

This is an important update as we align the Brizy Cloud builder for the new Sync feature that we'll introduce in the next Brizy WordPress update. This is primarily why we've made this update in Brizy Cloud first.

Global Block Conditions

The Global block conditions let you specify a display condition for a global block. You'll use this primarily for headers and footers but it works with any block on the page. Works perfect and saves you precious time for testimonials or any block you want on multiple pages.

Mega Menu for Menu Items

You can turn on a mega menu for any menu item you have. This will allow you to create complex dropdown structures because the beauty of our mega menu is that it allows you full control. You can add any element from the sidebar the same way you do when you create your pages.

New Lottie Element

Add new animation on your Brizy landing pages or websites with the new Lottie element. Thousands of free and premium animation can be found on LottieFiles.

New Table Element

The long-awaited table element is here. Perfect to display tabular data., pricing & comparison tables. The cool thing about it, like with all our elements, is that you can drag anything in your tables: images, texts, buttons, icons you name it.

Working in Draft

Starting today you can switch any page to Draft and work on it without your users seeing the changes and incremental modifications you are doing on a published page. Just switch it to draft, take your time to work on it and when you are ready you can publish it.

Save & Clear Layout

You can save an entire layout or clear a layout to start from scratch at a click of a button. Saving layouts will come in handy when you want to save pages for later use in other projects. And with the introduction of Brizy Sync in the next WordPress update, you'll be able to move pages from Cloud to WordPress and the other way around very fast.

Absolute & Fixed Positions

This feature will let you control the position of your elements. Great to create a fixed "Back to top" button for example or create a nice "Popular" ribbon for your pricing tables. Important to keep in mind, don't use these options to create your page design. Use them sparingly.

Fixed Pixel Size & ALT Titles for Images

We've added the option to let you set fixed px size for images. You can select between % and px for width or height. This will give you full control over your image sizes. You can also set ALT titles for images in More Settings > Advance.

Active Color State for Applicable Elements

We’ve introduced active color options for the following elements: Accordion, Switch, Tabs, Gallery & Menu. For these elements, you can now set normal, hover, and active colors.

What's coming next

We are working on a lot of things for Brizy Cloud, but for the next update, we prepare new templates, Stories, and (maybe) the first version of Funnels.

Great things ahead.

Article by Dimi

One of the designers and co-founders of Brizy and ThemeFuse, Dimi has a passion for design, WordPress, and products with great usability. He is always happy to share and connect with others.

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