We've just added website duplication in Brizy Cloud

on 22 February 2023, by Dimi, in Blog, PRO, Cloud, FREE, Updates

by Dimi

I'm excited to write this announcement blog post. We've just made a new important, and I'd say long awaited, update in Brizy Cloud related to website duplication.

Starting today you can duplicate an entire project in Brizy Cloud at a click of a button, be it a website, popup or story.

Just to give you some context, duplication is not that easy to do (as it seems) especially in complex established systems. Because we added duplication after some time, there were a bunch of questions that needed answers and required some retooling on how the builder works with images, global styling, global blocks.

How to duplicate a website in Brizy Cloud

Here is how to duplicate a website in Brizy Cloud:

Step 1. Login into your Brizy Cloud Dashboard from here.

Login into Brizy Cloud

Step 2. Locate your Workspace and Website you want to duplicate

Workspaces and Projects in Brizy Cloud

Step 3. Press the Duplicate link in the contextual menu of the website

Duplicate a website in Brizy Cloud

Keep in mind

Important things to keep in mind regarding website duplication in Brizy Cloud:

  • Works with all projects. We say website because the majority of our customers and users create websites in Brizy Cloud. But the duplication works across all our projects, websites, stories and popups.
  • Doesn't work for projects before blogging was added. If your project was created before 2 years ago when we added the CMS and blogging in Brizy Cloud (February 2021), duplication will not work for those, in fact you will not be able to find the option in the dropdown menu.

What's next for duplication

Now that we have the main duplication functionality in place, we'll work on the next step that involves duplication, and that is content auto-install.

In a nutshell this is duplication over accounts via a link. You'll be able to turn on this "Share" functionality for any projects you own and get a link that you will share with your clients or community. When someone clicks that link, they'll get the project installed (duplicated) in their Brizy accounts.

This will open the door to a lot of cool ideas and applications:

  • You'll be able to create a showcase of premium Brizy Cloud websites to sell to your clients via a Share Link;
  • A free community design section on our website where everyone can come a click a link and get a community made design in their account in seconds;
  • Easy way to get clients on-boarded, create a listing of showcase designs you have like this and they choose and install one via your shared link.
  • We'll be able to create full, installable complex websites with blogs, shops (once we'll have the 3rd party Ecwid launched) and everything in between

Pretty cool, I'm very excited where Brizy Cloud is headed.

Article by Dimi

Co-founder & CEO of Brizy, Dimi has a passion for Web projects with cutting-edge tech & great usability. He's always happy to share and connect with others.

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