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on 6 June 2023, by Dimi, in Blog, WordPress, Cloud, Updates

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by Dimi

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In this update we are excited to introduce hover animations.

Hover animations have become increasingly popular in modern web design, as they bring life and interactivity to static elements. Now, you have the power to make your website truly stand out from the crowd.

With our intuitive interface, you can easily select from a wide range of animation styles and effects. From subtle transitions to more dynamic movements, there's an animation for every design preference. Whether you want to highlight a button, image, or menu item, our hover animation options provide endless possibilities for creativity and customization.

Hover animations are not only visually appealing but also serve a functional purpose. By drawing attention to specific elements when users hover over them, you can guide their focus and encourage exploration. This can lead to increased user engagement, improved navigation, and ultimately, higher conversion rates.

Benefits of using hover animations on your website

Enhanced User Engagement - Hover animations grab users' attention and create a more interactive and engaging experience. When elements respond to user actions, hovering over buttons or images, it encourages exploration and keeps visitors on your site longer.

Improved User Experience - Hover animations can provide visual cues and feedback to users, guiding them through your website and making it easier to navigate. They help users understand which elements are interactive and clickable, improving usability and reducing confusion.

Increased Conversion Rates - By strategically applying hover animations to important call-to-action buttons or links, you can draw users' attention to those elements. This can lead to higher click-through rates and ultimately increase conversions, whether it's signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or filling out a form.

Visual Appeal - Hover animations add an extra layer of visual interest and creativity to your website. These animations can also contribute to the overall aesthetic of your website, making it more visually appealing and professional.

Differentiation and Competitive Advantage - In a crowded online landscape, standing out from the competition is crucial. Hover animations can help differentiate your website from others by adding a touch of pazaz. By incorporating these effects, you can create a memorable and distinctive user experience that sets you apart from others.

How to access the hover animations in Brizy

Workspaces and Projects in Brizy Cloud

The hover animations effects can be accessed on all the elements from the Effects tab in the right sidebar.

  • Step 1. Click any element on the page
Workspaces and Projects in Brizy Cloud
  • Step 2. Click the Gear icon and choose Effects. (Note that some elements like buttons or icons will open the right sidebar directly when you click on the Gear icon.)
Workspaces and Projects in Brizy Cloud
  • Step 3. In the right sidebar, activate the Effects tab at the top. Here you'll find all the animations effects in Brizy: Entrance, Hover and Scroll. Choose Hover.
Workspaces and Projects in Brizy Cloud
  • Step 4. Choose one of the hover animations for your element. Additional options will appear at the bottom: Style (controls the type of animation or direction), Duration (controls the duration of the animation) and (some) Infinite Animation (controls if the animation should not stop once hover)
Workspaces and Projects in Brizy Cloud

Types of hover animations

Brizy's hover animations are split into 7 main categories with multiple variations in each category. Hover the following elements to experience the main hover effects in the Brizy builder.

Note: Hover animations are available only in desktop view, for responsive devices like tablets and mobiles this interaction doesn't exist.

What's next

Next, we want to bring in web-hooks for the contact form and the tags and titles for the saved blocks and layouts. Thanks for your continued support. Stay close, more great things are coming just around the corner.

Article by Dimi

Co-founder & CEO of Brizy, Dimi has a passion for Web projects with cutting-edge tech & great usability. He's always happy to share and connect with others.

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