Introducing 3rd Party Free Hosting: Netlify, Render, & Vercel

on 12 June 2020, by Dimi, in Blog, PRO, Cloud, Updates

In a continuous effort to open up Brizy Cloud, even more, I'm excited to let you know that we've added 3rd party free hosting options in Brizy Cloud. Starting today you can publish your websites or landing pages for free with one of the top static hosting providers in the world: Netlify, Render, (*retired), and Vercel.

Why 3rd party static hosting?

The obvious answer would be because Brizy Cloud outputs static content and we wanted to make more publishing options available for our users but more importantly, because these hosting companies are pioneering a concept called JAMStack and they are specialised in static content hosting. Everything about these guys is: easy, fast, secure, and affordable.

This is a great fit for Brizy Cloud CMS and brings tremendous value for anyone that wants specialized static hosting to take care of their Brizy website. Nearly instant loading speeds across the globe (CDN), the ability to link custom domains with free SSL, and instant project/website deployment.

And the cherry on top is that their free plans are almost too good to be true: unlimited websites (for most of them), 100GB traffic per month, Free CDN, Free SSL, and more.

Unlimited sites with 100Gb bandwidth per month. 

More info

Up to 5 sites with 100Gb bandwidth per month. 

(service retired)

Unlimited sites with 100Gb bandwidth per month. 

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Unlimited sites with 100Gb bandwidth per month. 

More info


You might think we are going back to the '90s with all the static websites that are making a huge comeback in the past years. You might be right in a way, but not quite. The new front end building technologies paired with powerful APIs and static output bring some advantages that can't be ignored. In fact, this might be the future of the web.


Static content will always load fast because the HTML is prebuilt and can be delivered from a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) that is closer to the user. Furthermore, the HTML being static can be cached and that improves loading speeds even more.


In a static environment there is no PHP framework overhead, no server installs, and is easier to deploy your project.

More secure

When we’re only dealing with static HTML, the result is by default more secure than a dynamically-served website.


No servers are needed. The files are delivered via CDN and this is not only faster but cheaper as well. On top of this, you don’t need to worry about server or database overloads in case of high traffic.

How it works

To publish your projects on one of the free 3rd party hosting providers you'll need 2 things:

1) a Github account

2) a free account on the service you want to use

Step 1. Click the Publish link on your project

Step 2. Choose the 3rd party free hosting option on the right side.

Step 3. Choose one of the providers. (* doesn't exist any longer)

Step 4. Follow the steps to connect your Github account and then sync your hosting account with Github on the provider side. We've created step by step tutorials for each hosting provider:

Keep in mind: You only need to set this up once. After that, your website will be pushed automatically into your Github account and from there to your hosting provider.

What's coming next

We are working on a couple of important things, like Block conditions and a Sync feature for blocks and full layouts in your Brizy account. Besides these, we have a couple of new elements in the works as well: MegaMenu, Table, improved vertical Menu element, and so on.

All these are currently in beta in the Brizy WordPress plugin and they'll come to Brizy Cloud as soon as possible, once we review and iron out all the issues we find.

Great things ahead.

Article by Dimi

One of the designers and co-founders of Brizy and ThemeFuse, Dimi has a passion for design, WordPress, and products with great usability. He is always happy to share and connect with others.

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