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Publishing Options Changes in Brizy Cloud Free Accounts

on 21 June 2021 , by Dimi, in Blog, PRO, Cloud, FREE

We've made a Brizy Cloud update today that moved some of the publishing options from Brizy Free to Brizy PRO and I'm here to tell you all about it. These changes are a long time coming, and are part of more changes that will come in the next months for Brizy Cloud.

We initially launched Brizy Cloud and included it as part of your Brizy PRO purchase on brizy.io almost two years ago when the Cloud platform was in its infancy. We've developed Brizy Cloud into a full-fledged CMS in the past two years and we think it's time for Brizy Cloud to stand on its own.

What this means is that we are working to make Brizy Cloud a stand-alone product, separate from your Brizy WordPress purchase with its separate pricing model and plans. More on this in the next months as we are putting together a new refreshed version of our website together with the remaining of the changes. (Everything will be announced ahead of time.)

What was changed?

We've moved a couple of publishing options in Brizy Cloud from Free to PRO as follows:

  • Linking custom domains with your projects was removed from the Free account, and it's a PRO feature only. You can link 3 custom domains in Brizy PRO Personal, and unlimited in Brizy PRO Studio. More about how to do it in our documentation.
  • Publishing on 3rd party free hosting was moved to PRO. Owning a Brizy Cloud PRO license will let you publish your projects on Netlify, Vercel, or Render via our Github integration.
  • Server syncing projects on your server was moved to PRO. If you have a Brizy PRO license in your account you'll be able to sync projects from Brizy Cloud to your servers in real-time. Learn how to do it from our documentation.
  • Saving HTML was moved to PRO. You can save your project as HTML only if you are a Brizy PRO license owner. Learn how to do it from our documentation.

How does it affect you?

If you are a Brizy PRO license owner, be it a yearly paid plan (Personal or Studio) or the Lifetime deal for WordPress (where we offer access to Brizy Cloud PRO features), then nothing changes for you. Business as usual.

All the changes mentioned above apply ONLY to Brizy Cloud Free accounts.

VERY IMPORTANT: These changes will apply ONLY going forward, on published projects from this point on. Any current custom domains or server synced projects will continue to work if you are on a Brizy Cloud Free account.

If you try to connect a new domain, server sync a new project, or connect a 3rd party hosting, you'll be asked to upgrade to PRO.

What's coming next

We have the Brizy Cloud White Label ready to launch. We plan to bring it on as soon as possible. I'm confident we'll have some great news for you soon.

Great things ahead.

Article by Dimi

One of the designers and co-founders of Brizy and ThemeFuse, Dimi has a passion for design, WordPress, and products with great usability. He is always happy to share and connect with others.

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