Start Your Own Website Builder Platform With Brizy Cloud Reseller Program

Brizy Cloud Reseller program is finally here. You can resell Brizy Cloud as your own and start your website building platform 100% white label. You set your branding, your pricing, even create and sell your designs, all white label.

This is a worry-free Brizy Cloud reseller program (fully white label) where we’ll manage everything from setting up your white label instance, branding, domains, notification emails, to handling payments, invoices, and taxes for your sales.

More about Brizy Cloud Reseller program:

What is the Brizy Cloud Reseller program?

The process explained step by step

Prices & Fees

What’s next for Brizy Cloud

What is the Brizy Cloud Reseller program?

Before I tell what this program is, let me tell you what is not: This is NOT a white label option for your current Brizy Cloud PRO account. You can use it that way if you want, but this program might not be for you if you don’t want to resell Brizy Cloud to your clients.

The Brizy Cloud Reseller Program in a program that lets you RESELL the Brizy Cloud platform, 100% white labeled. Think of it like hosting reselling.

Joining this program will let start your own White Label website builder platform for your clients. You’ll resell Brizy Cloud under your branding and with your custom pricing.

To start selling Brizy Cloud as your own, you’ll need to manually apply on our website. The onboarding process and setup are done manually on our side and our team we’ll work closely together with you to set everything up from custom branding to prices and custom domains (where your clients will access your website builder platform).

The process explained

Step 1. Getting into the program

First, you need to apply on our website. Fill in the form, we’ll need to know a couple of basic things about you and your business before we start the onboarding process. You’ll most likely have some questions so this is a great time to ask them.

Step 2. Pay the reseller license

We’ll send you an email, explaining the process that will include two payment links, one will let you pay the license yearly and one monthly. The yearly license is priced at $49/month. Or you can choose to pay yearly with a discount. More about pricing & fees below.

Step 3. Setting up your reseller (white label) platform

Once the payment goes through, you’ll hear from us and we start the onboarding process. This will take up to a couple of days based on factors out of our control like domain propagation or the speed at which you provide the info requested.

Just to make an idea, here are the items we’ll ask and touch on:

  • Logo (appears in the dashboard)
  • Favicon (appears in the browser window)
  • “From” email address (clients will see this email on all notifications that come from your builder)
  • Two Domains with valid DNS (these are the domains where clients will access your builder, one is for the main dashboard and builder and one is for project previews)
  • Package name (custom name for your PRO plan)
  • Prices for the PRO plan (yearly & monthly) (the custom prices you want to put on your PRO plan)
  • Pricing page URL (we’ll redirect to this link any upsell from free to pro in the builder, if applicable)
  • Support & About URLs (your support and about URLs, support can be an email link)
  • Affiliate Paddle Account (we’ll send a link for you to create an affiliate Paddle account, this is where you’ll access financial data, and where you’ll receive your money for the PRO plans you’ll sell)

Don’t worry, we’ll manage and drive the conversations over email and everything will be explained each step of the way.

Step 4. Start selling to your clients

Once we set everything up, you are ready to go, we’ll send you your white label buying links for your plans and. You’ll include those on your website or send them to your clients and you are ready to go.

Pricing & Fees

There are two fees to consider if you want to resell Brizy Cloud:

The reseller license

This is a monthly (or yearly) license price that you’ll pay when you apply for a white label license before we start setting up your white label version of Brizy Cloud:

  • $49/month or $499/year *

* Look at this as the franchise license one pays to open their outlet.

Plus a fee for every new client

Besides the white label license price, you’ll pay a small fee for every PRO plan you sell.

In the onboarding process, you’ll be able to set custom prices for you Brizy PRO plan. Let’s say you sell your PRO plan with $19/month.

  • On every new client that purchases your PRO plan, we’ll get $4/month and you get the rest ($15/month)*

* Apart from the franchise fee in my analogy above, you also pay a fee for each new client that purchases a PRO plan on your platform.

What’s coming next

Next is a design update for Brizy web stories. We have around 50 pre-made designs ready to go.

Stay in the loop with the work in progress on our Trello public road-map:

Great things ahead.

June 24, 2021

Article by Dimi

One of the designers and co-founders of Brizy and ThemeFuse, Dimi has a passion for design, WordPress, and products with great usability. He is always happy to share and connect with others. Drop him a line.

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