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We've added Web Stories in Brizy Cloud

on 11 June 2021 , by Dimi, in Blog, Cloud, FREE

We've just added Web Stories in Brizy Cloud. A great way to create visual narratives, product showcases, mobile landing pages, onboarding presentations, offers/promotions, guides, or anything that works great in steps.

Brizy Cloud gets stronger and stronger with each update, and Stories are a great addition to the plethora of solutions our platform offers. Brizy Web Stories are free to use and you can start creating unlimited Web Stories today.

What are Brizy Web Stories

Brizy Stories are mobile visual narratives that follow a different content consumption experience. This visual format lets you explore content by sliding from one piece of content to the next.

No matter if you are a content creator, a marketer, or selling products web stories can help you either creatively present the news, create a mobile landing page (with a natural funnel) or appealingly showcase your products.

A couple of ideas on how Brizy Web Stories can help marketers, content creators, or shop owners:


Present offers and promotions: engagingly presenting a promo will grab potential customers' attention, generate more leads and increase conversion.

Mobile landing pages: web stories are perfect for landing pages because they have the perfect natural funnel interaction from slide to slide. That lets you present and structure the information very deliberately, thus increasing leads and ultimately conversion.

Content Creators

Posts as short web stories: deliver the news (or an excerpt) in a quick, easy-to-digest web story.

Content previews: use web stories to capture interest for your larger-sized content or blog post. Bring your users over via a call to action button once they are interested to read the whole story 🙂

How-to guides: web stories work great for how-to guides where you can present each step of the process in a separate slide in the story.

Lists or Tops: anything that works great in lists or tops, will be a great fit for web stories.

Shop Owners

Product previews/showcase: influence buying decisions with web stories by creating interactive, virtual, and clickable product showcases.

Client follow-up: use the contact form to ask for testimonials or do follow-ups with your clients in a creative way via a nice web story.

How to create a new Web Story

There are two ways to create web stories in Brizy Cloud:

1) As a stand-alone story project directly from the Brizy Cloud dashboard.

The stand-alone web story can be published the same way a regular website is. You can link a custom domain to it, use a free subdomain using our brizy.site domain, connect to 3rd-party free hosting providers via Github, use our script to sync pages to your server, or download the HTML.

2) As a web story inside a Brizy Cloud website.

Inside the project, the web story will have its permalink similar to any page on your website.

The Web Story builder

The stories builder is a repurposed version of the Brizy builder, specifically modified to let you create web stories on a mobile resolution.

Right from the get-go, you'll notice that we've removed the grid so all the elements can be dragged and repositioned anywhere on the canvas, similar to free flow Sketch or Photoshop experience.

The elements were trimmed down as well and also optimized to fit the new way of building interactive narratives.

Premade Stories

You'll be able to start from scratch and build every slide the same way you are used to in Brizy but you also have the option to use one of our beautiful pre-made templates.

We're starting with 7 Free pre-made story templates, with over 40 coming soon in a design update. You can mix and match slides from different stories.

Bistro Menu | View Demo

Fashion | View Demo

Freelancer | View Demo

Top Ideas | View Demo

Handymen | View Demo

Night Jam | View Demo

Watch Picks | View Demo

TIP: For the best experience view the demos on your mobile device.

What's coming next

We recently added 42 new layout packs & marketing landing pages and now we working to bring on Brizy Cloud White Label. That will let you resell Brizy Cloud as your own, your branding, your prices, your cloud platform. Other things in the works are more stories templates, multi-language, membership options, and system pages control.

Great things ahead.

Article by Dimi

One of the designers and co-founders of Brizy and ThemeFuse, Dimi has a passion for design, WordPress, and products with great usability. He is always happy to share and connect with others.

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