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180+ design templates included, beautiful & mobile perfect

You can start with a blank page and let your imagination guide you, but if that’s too intimidating, just import some of our pre-made Pages, Blocks or Pop-ups.

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AI Website Builder for rapid creations

Generate quick websites that are surprisingly useful, in just a few clicks & less than 20 seconds.

Useful websites

Tailor-made texts

Spot-on images

Full editing control


Liven up your pages with animations

Bring motion and interactive beauty to your pages with our super-fluid and modern animations module. Every animation is hand-picked and perfect for specific element.

On-entry effects

Scroll reveals

Lottie animations

Speed up your productivity with Global Styling

Spend seconds instead of hours when changing colors and typography, across your entire site with a single click, using our Global Styling

Brizy is 8x faster than most popular competitor*

Elements that help you build anything

Using our 25+ drag & drop elements, you can create any page in minutes.

Tom Johnson,

Owner WPwithTom

Huge plus for my clients!

"I absolutely love how easy Brizy is to use. With Brizy I can easily create beautiful looking sites quickly which is a huge plus for clients of mine. Adjusting different aspects of the website has been made so simple. I plan on using Brizy on many of my projects for years to come!"

Save up to $2600/year with the included features of Brizy builder

On top of main features like 'no-code' website builder and hundreds of beautiful templates, Brizy also includes many other functionalities that can add up to significant costs when purchased individually from competitors.

More Features

Custom Fonts

With our custom fonts manager you can add any font from your own computer or from Google Fonts library.

4000 Premium Icons

Available in both Glyph and Outline, finding the right one is a snap with our visual search tool.

Freehand Positioning

Use our Position Absolute feature to place any element exactly where you need, just like in Photoshop.

Zoom & Focus for images

Zoom in a photo and pan it around with our unique Focus point functionality. Great for face focus and portraits.

Amazing page loading speed

We've tested Agens, one of our pre-made designs that comes included with Brizy and these are the performance grades and page load times:

Google PageSpeed









Click the scores above to verify our claims.

Change colors, saturation, brightness, contrast for images & videos

Improve the way your media looks with our non-destructive image filters. Color corrections can be done directly in Brizy, so you won’t have to switch over to complex and expensive image editors.

Add style to backgrounds with Shape Dividers

These 42 shape dividers are a great way to add creative transitions between blocks of content, by using the top and bottom divider options.

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