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on 15 April 2022, by Sergiu

Find out why do you need a Shopify page builder app, what to look for and what is the best Shopify page builder app for your store. We also rank the 4 best Shopify page builder apps available.

on 31 March 2022, by Dimi

From additional options and features on almost all elements, to usability improvements and new features like the effects and animation module. This update is packed to the brim with goodies. Enjoy.

on 15 March 2022, by Dimi

Work better in your team with our new collaboration tool in Brizy Cloud. Fresh from the oven, this tool will help you be more efficient when working with clients, partners or team members by giving and receiving feedback on the projects you are working on.

on 3 March 2022, by Dimi

The 40% recurring discount we are offering (to our LTD customers) on the Brizy Cloud agency plan is going away at the end of the month. This discount is available only for our LTD customers and can be accessed from the Brizy account until 1st of April 2022.

on 31 January 2022, by Dimi

We've added users, roles and membership functionality in Brizy Cloud CMS. Users in Brizy Cloud will open the doors to more complex websites where users have accounts, can login/register, access different information based on roles, post content and more.

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